[INSIGHTS REPORT] Big Toy Brands Still Top Choice, But Parents Receptive to Eco and Irish Brands

Christmas toys insights

We ran a two week insights project asking parents about Christmas. We asked them to answer questions, actively share their opinions and give detailed commentary around buying toys and Christmas planning. For those that celebrate Christmas with kids, it’s always a big ideal, what with Santa coming and all the presents, food and razamatazz that goes with Christmas. Read on to find out more Insights into Parents and Christmas and Toys and to download our free highlights report.

Christmas toys insights

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This month’s Insights Report gives feedback from parents and insights into their views on planning for Christmas, spending on Christmas and buying toys.

Key Insights from Parents on Christmas and Toys

To gather these insights we ran an online survey on Mykidstime.com in June 2021 with 220 responses from parents and an in-depth insights panel carried out on our ParentsandBrands private platform, also in June 2021 with 50 panel participants.

Key Insights

Here are some of key insights to come out of the report:

  1. Big toy brands are still the top choice, but parents are receptive to eco and Irish brands.
  2. Parents are influenced by reviews, with 85% looking at them before buying toys or gifts for their own child and other children.
  3. Age suitability, value for money and durability are key decision making factors for toy purchase.

A Selection of the Feedback from Parents on Christmas and Toys

“I always go by recommended ages as it really does help, I have made mistakes in the past with my first child. The reviews always help, e.g recently looking at scooters and all reviews said the folding down type I was looking at buying comes loose easily, so I stayed away from those.”

“For toys for other children I mostly buy ones I found were liked and useful for my kids. I recently bought a friend an Aquadoodle for her 2+3 year old because I remembered how much my kids loved it.”

“I stock up on presents and non-perishables during the year to help spread the cost then get the perishable items near the end.”

Key Recommendations for Brands

  • Parents are influenced by online reviews and recommendations. Including reviews on product listings will help parents and keep them on your site.
  • Parents are open to the idea of Christmas Saving Clubs, so if you can offer ways for them to plan and save this could attract them to you.
  • Some parents start Christmas shopping in August. This could be a good time to seed early online offers and messages.

Download Our Free Highlights Report

For a snapshot of insights from parents with highlights of what they were telling us and recommendations, download our free highlights report on Christmas Shopping and Buying Toys & Gifts.

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  • where they buy Christmas food/drink
  • their views on buying toys/gifts for kids
  • whether or not they look at reviews or ask for recommendations from their network
  • what factors are important when choosing toys/gifts for kids
  • overall thoughts on Christmas and toys.

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