[INSIGHTS REPORT] Cost Is Key When Parents Buy Cleaning And Laundry Products

what parents told us about cleaning and laundry

We asked parents to tell us their views and to give us feedback on what is important to them when it comes to cleaning and laundry. It turns out that 40% of them will pay more for certain qualities. Read on to find out more Insights into Parents and Cleaning and Laundry and to download our free report.

what parents told us about cleaning and laundry

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This month’s Insights report gives feedback from parents and insights into their views on cleaning and laundry. To gather this, we carried out an online survey as well as an online focus group.

Key Insights from Parents on Cleaning and Laundry

To gather these insights we ran an online survey on Mykidstime.com in April 2021 with 191 responses from parents and an indepth insights panel carried out on our ParentsandBrands private platform in April 2021 with 27 panel participants.

Key Insights

40% of parents say they will pay more for products that contain antibacterial properties.

These are some key insights:

  1. Cost followed by products living up to brand claims are 2 of the most important factors that influence cleaning and laundry product purchasing decisions for parents.
  2. Parents want tips and content to help them with stain treatments and how they could cut down on the time spent doing cleaning and laundry.
  3. Parents say a key feature when choosing cleaning and laundry products is the impact they will have on the environment, from packaging to ingredients.

More than 80% of parents say that cost is the main factor that drives their purchasing decision for these products.

A Selection of the Feedback from Parents

“I like products that smell great and clean quickly. I also like them to have antibacterial ingredients since COVID. But I always used antibacterial washing up liquid for my dishes even before covid.”

“We are cleaning more as we are at home more so I like to make sure kids are safe and the products used are of good quality.”

“Packaging that’s 100% recyclable and refillable is really important, we’ve no excuses anymore and I don’t want to feel guilty about buying products.”

“I would pay more for a laundry detergent that is safe for sensitive skin but also effective at removing stains, and keeping whites white for longer.”

Key Recommendations for Brands

  • Safety is a key concern for parents when choosing cleaning and laundry products. How can you communicate your safety features well?
  • Parents are interested in finding ways they can save time on household cleaning and laundry. Do you share content on all your channels to highlight what properties your products have to help save time?
  • How are you building brand trust to help parents choose your product over another?

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household cleaning and laundry report

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