[INSIGHTS REPORT] Majority of Parents Don’t Actively Monitor Their Kids’ Activity Online

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We asked parents to tell us their views and to give us feedback on what is important to them when it comes to technology used in the family home. After the last year, many parents have found that technology in the home has been particularly beneficial, outweighing the disadvantages during the pandemic. Read on to find out more Insights into Parents and Family Technology and to download our free report.

family technology

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This month’s Insights report gives feedback from parents and insights into their views on technology in the home. To gather this, we carried out an online survey as well as an online focus group.

Key Insights from Parents on Family Technology

To gather these insights we ran an online survey on Mykidstime.com in April 2021 with 273 responses from parents and an in-depth insights panel carried out on our ParentsandBrands private platform in April 2021 with 25 panel participants.

Key Insights

63% of parents say they that cyberbullying is the biggest concern that they have about their children being online.

These are some key insights:

  1. 43% of parents say that their kids have spent an average of 1-2 hours a day online in the last 12 months.
  2. 31% of parents say their kids use phone/tablet apps for reading books
  3. Specialist retailers are the most popular type of shop that parents use to buy technology for the home.

77% of parents say they have not bought technology to monitor their kids online.

A Selection of the Feedback from Parents

“I find it great that technology helps my children learn and discover new information, they love drawing and find great help on internet. The Kindle is great as they have lots of books on one device.”

“It’s been hard to limit technology use during the pandemic, but as long as you can keep an eye on what your kids are doing it’s ok and maintain open communication about it always.”

“We are all on different types of technology at times from TV, Xbox, phones, tablets etc. Sometimes it’s good just to put everything away and switch off!”

Key Recommendations for Brands

  • Parents will research online but prefer to buy family technology from retail stores. Are you targeting parents online in order to help with buying decisions and encourage sales?
  • Are your parental controls easy to use? Highlight this when marketing to parents as they want to be in control but not erode trust.
  • Parents are concerned about eyesight with more time being spent online. If you have a product to help, ensure you include parents in your marketing materials.

Download Our Free Insights Report

family technology insights report

For more recommendations, survey results and in-depth insights, download our free insights report on Family Technology.

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