[INSIGHTS REPORT] What Parents Told Us About Days Out in Ireland

Family Days Out in Ireland

This month’s insights are all about the topic of Days Out in Ireland. We asked women to tell us how they felt about family days out and visiting attractions in Ireland as things reopen. Read on to find out more about Insights into Women and Days Out in Ireland and to download our free report.

Family Days Out in Ireland
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This month’s Insights report gives feedback from women and insights into their views on taking days out with their families and visiting attractions in Ireland. To gather this, we carried out an online survey as well as an online focus group.

Key Days Out Survey Stats*

* Online Survey carried out on Mykidstime.com in June 2020 with 500 responses

Key stats:

  • 48% plan to have a family day out together every week as Ireland opens up
  • 52% say a waiting time is going to put them off visiting an attraction this summer
  • 20% say “Tea & Coffee and drinks from venue, with our own food” are the refreshments they are most likely to have on a family day out this summer
  • Family walk/trip to the beach, Outdoor adventure park and Tourist sites are the top 3 preferred activities for a family day out

Online Focus Group Insights*

* Online Focus Group carried out on MyInsightsOnTime private platform in June 2020 with 25 panel participants.

Here are some of the key insights and feedback:

“I will only be going to attractions/places where I feel i will be able to keep my family safe and have sufficient personal space.”

“It is important that up to date information is available on their website or Facebook page as opening times etc may have varied.” 

Key Recommendations for Attractions

  • Staff should be ready to welcome and answer any questions as visitors come in to reassure them on measures put in place.
  • Offer plenty of outdoor seating options for people bringing their own food.
  • Keep your social media and website up to date on opening hours and details of visiting, online booking options etc.

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MIOT Monthly Report What Women Told Us About Family Days Out

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