[INSIGHTS REPORT] What Parents Told Us About Staycations in Ireland

staycations in ireland

This month’s insights are all about the topic of Staycations in Ireland. We asked women to tell us how they felt about holidaying in Ireland as things reopen. Read on to find out more about Insights into Women and Staycations in Ireland and to download our free report.

staycations in ireland

This month’s Insights report gives feedback from women and insights into their views on staycations in Ireland. To gather this, we carried out an online survey as well as an online focus group.

“We found the Staycation Insights report from MyInsightsOnTime to be really useful, to have stats to back up what we were feeling and hearing anecdotally.” – Eveanna Ryan, The Connacht Hospitality Group

“The difficulty for us has always been getting information from the decision maker, the person who will make the booking. With MyInsightsOnTime we are getting to our exact target, so this allows us to make decisions based on accurate, current information. Some results showed us that the market is changing very quickly at the moment. Surprisingly for instance, kids clubs would traditionally have been a high priority for families when booking a break away. The results however highlighted that this is now of lesser importance for parents. All of this data allows us to ensure we are providing the right hierarchy of family facilities in the hotel.” – Irene Quilty, Clonakilty Park Hotel

Key Staycation Survey Stats*

* Online Survey carried out on Mykidstime.com in May 2020 with 500 responses

Key stats:

  • 77% plan to holiday in Ireland post lockdown
  • 82% say social distanced dining at resort restaurants is very important or important to them
  • 59% are waiting on government guidelines before they book a holiday in Ireland
  • 61% said their preferred accommodation choice was self catering in a hotel setting or independent self catering

Online Focus Group Insights*

* Online Focus Group carried out on MyInsightsOnTime private platform in May 2020 with 20 panel participants.

Here are some of the key insights and feedback:

“To be honest I don’t think I’d stay in a hotel or guesthouse. I’d only be happy renting a house & would like to know it has been well sanitized after previous visitors.”

“Initially I was thinking we could do a few days in a hotel but on seconds thoughts I am a bit unsure how it would work. I would wipe surfaces down etc on arrival and I think once providers have shown efforts around public areas I would be happy.”

Key Recommendations for Hotels

  • To reassure guests that hygiene and sanitisation is being carried out, make sure to use all communication channels – website, social media and email
  • If you offer leisure facilities and activities, have a booking system in place for time slots on your reservation screen. This reassures guests that they will have a specific time to themselves, and you will also know numbers for managing the slots.
  • Put offers up now for Halloween & Christmas 2020 and make 2021 dates available for booking now

Download This Month’s Free Insights Report

what women told us about staycations

For more recommendations, survey results and in-depth insights, download this month’s free Insights report on Women and Staycations in Ireland.

In the report you’ll get in depth stats, insights and recommendations to help your business.

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