Why Content About Saving Money Is Always a Winner with Parents

insights into family finances

On the topic of Food Promotions our Mykidstime article “My Top Money Saving Tips” is a great example of personalised recommendations content that is highly effective. Find out why content about saving money is always a winner with parents.

insights into family finances

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Our engaged and very articulate community tell us that they appreciate ideas and enjoy reading articles that help them with family life. Our regular reviews of Google Analytics shows continued strong views for this type of content, that is, any content with the words “saving”, “money” or “budget”, showing that parents want help in this area.

This particular article “My Top Money Saving Tips” is all about how to save money on household grocery shopping, something parents definitely appreciate help with. After all, family grocery spend is a good chunk of the weekly household budget.

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Why This Content Works

1. Personalising The Title With the Use of “My”

The word My in the title shows them a) it’s a real person and b) these are that real person’s recommendations.

2. Parents Like Money Saving Content

In our experience with Mykidstime content, parents want money saving content because it’s expensive having kids! Anything that help save money goes down well according to our analytics.

3. Specificity in the Title

The words “for families” tells the reader exactly whether or not this is for them. This draws parents to the content.

And how do parents feel about special offers on food?

We asked parents to tell us their thoughts on food promotions. One parent said “I used to try things in store but haven’t seen any in a long time. Even preCovid. A good money off promotion I feel is the way to bring new items to market. I’ll try it if it’s discounted as then I don’t feel too bad if I don’t like it.”

In our recent Insights studies with parents, asking their views on food promotions and sampling products,

  • 43% of shoppers deliberately look for deals at their preferred supermarket
  • 60% prefer vouchers in the post or given at till
  • 21% start buying non-perishable items to put by for Christmas in September and October

insights about food promotions

Read more in our Food Promotions Insights report here.

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