Why Super Hero Content for Parents is Here to Stay

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On the topic of Retail for the Home, our Mykidstime article “22 Spectacular Superhero Bedroom Ideas for Kids” is a fabulous example of creating useful content that resonates with your audience. Room idea content has always been popular on Mykidstime, and superhero themed content is popular too, so when you mix the two you are onto a winner. Here’s why super hero content for parents is here to stay:

home retail insights

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Our engaged and very articulate community tell us that they appreciate ideas and enjoy reading articles that help them with family life. Our regular reviews of Google Analytics shows continued strong views for this type of lifestyle content. In particular, any content around family home ideas, anything from decorating your child’s room to removing slime from the carpet!

This particular article “22 Spectacular Superhero Bedroom Ideas for Kids” gives parents some ideas for their family’s superhero fan and what their bedroom could potentially look like.

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Why This Content Works

1. Superheroes are perennial favourites with kids

From the early days of Superman and Spiderman, to the reinvention of the superhero genre with the arrival of the Marvel movies, superheroes are popular! And when your child loves a particular theme in their life whether it be superheroes, dinosaurs or unicorns, this will naturally extend to their bedroom decoration.

2. Using Kids in the title

The word Kids in the title shows parents straight away that this content might be of interest to them. It’s always good to be as specific as you can to the potential reader to let them see quickly if this is for them or not.

3. Offering solutions

When you go to decorate your child’s room, you need ideas. This content gives parents lots of ideas (22!) for this particular problem, namely how to decorate the bedroom of my superhero-obsessed child?

And how do parents feel about Home Retail?

We asked parents to tell us their thoughts on buying things for their home. One parent said “I love IKEA but living in the West of Ireland it is only a treat or a planned trip. Locally Home Store + More is great and has a good range and selection. Tesco is great for smaller pieces e.g. delph if something breaks or a really nice cup!”

In our recent Insights studies with parents, we asked their views on home retail.

We have seen an 8% rise in views of lifestyle home content – reflecting that families continue to be home-based during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our 22 Superhero Bedroom Ideas article has also had excellent engagement on our Pinterest channel with 2.7M views and 8.4k pins.

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