Why Word of Mouth Marketing Amongst Mums Can Be So Powerful For Your Brand

word of mouth marketing

Most marketers agree that word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective ways of bringing you new business. In my experience, women are highly likely to recommend products and services that they like. Here’s Why Word of Mouth Marketing Amongst Women Can Be So Powerful For Your Brand:

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Women are often responsible for making purchasing decisions for not just themselves but members of their family. That makes a decision to buy something and the experience they have with that product or service matter even more. If they make a purchase that the other person has a problem with, that will rebound on them. So they consider carefully and they need to have confidence in the brand they buy from.

They also play a key role in influencing family and friends. Everyone has helped a family member or friend with deciding on a purchase at one time or another.

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#1. Women Know Lots of Other Women

Whether it’s family, colleagues at work, The Bookclub, women you meet at the school gate, women know lots of other women.

This peer network becomes an important support network for women and this also provides plenty of opportunities to tell each other about things and products and services they have experienced and liked.

#2. Women Love To Help Other Women

Generally speaking women like to help other women, particularly if they have a problem. Women tend to share problems and pain points with each other, from which hairdresser they rate to amusing kids on a rainy day to organising a family get-together.

We rely on each other’s advice and help. This positions word of mouth as a key way of telling each other about services and products that we have found to be useful or helpful in our lives.

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#3. Women Trust Other Women

As an extension of helping other women, we also trust each other. If another woman tells you they have had a good experience with something you believe them and it makes you want to try that out for yourself.

This trust is key to word of mouth recommendations. Other women’s reviews are key to establishing trust with the product or service.

#4. Word of Mouth Has The Biggest Influence On Buying

Consistently across multiple surveys on Mykidstime, women have told us that Word of Mouth from friends and family still has the most influence on their purchasing decisions.

  • 50% of women would tell between 3 and 5 people about a product or service they liked
  • 80% say they would share a recommendation by text/messenger or social media
  • 70% said they had recommended a product in the last week
  • 42% say they are influenced by online reviews of products or services

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So How Can Your Brand Capitalise On Word of Mouth Amongst Women?

Here are five reflections for you:

  1. Recommendations from others are a big influence. How can you encourage your customer base to recommend you to other potential buyers?
  2. How are you asking (and are you asking) customers to review your product or service after they have purchased from you?
  3. Ask them to social share with a hashtag if they have had a good experience and enter those shares into a monthly draw to win a prize.
  4. Make it super easy for people to share your products/services to their social media and Whatsapp/Messenger
  5. Is your business tracking whether a new customer bought because they had a recommendation from someone? If this can be tracked, you can start to see referrals.

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